Trade name: okidesign Inc.
Establishment: January 2008
CEO: Junnosuke Okita
Address: 1-23-10 Ebaradai, Sakura-Shi, Chiba, Japan
Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch Name: Hikarigaoka
Business Purpose: Recordings, editing and mixing of live music.
Creating music and sound effects.
Mixing of music for commercials, movies, video work, video shooting and photo shooting.
Facility: ProTools,Logic, recording and shooting equipment
President & CEO
Junnosuke Okita
Sound Designer
Born in 1976 in Yokohama and raised in Yokosuka city.
He learned piano as a child and during his high school years he started producing music with electronic devices and a mackintosh.
After he joined MA studios, he worked 10 years as a mixer, while at the same time, creating effects and producing music.
In 2008, he founded okidesign inc., which brings us to today.
[Junnosuke Okita’s work]
He has experience with live recording, mixing, and mastering. My DVD’s and Blu-ray productions are always on the top of the sales rankings.
He has also created music for commercials and sound effects. I also have several 5.1 channel DVD and movie (7.1 channel theatrical) productions.

This is our emblem that shows okidesign’s stance on always searching for new sounds,
while honoring old traditions.
This emblem displays our unmatched skills and reliability, as well as holds our leader, Okita Junnosuke’s, personality and essence. It is truly a symbol of okidesign.
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car The Vanden Plus Princess signifies our high mobility and ability to climb any mountain.
shield The pick shaped shield symbolizes our various skills.
family Symbolizes the people, who support okidesign.
color The color red stands for passion, hidden deep inside us. Blue signifies our reliability. Green symbolizes harmony. Gold stands for wisdom and knowledge and our high ideals.